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Studio Backstage


Welcome to Tom's studio, here you can explore his key techniques in illustration, animation and paint. With over a decade in the fashion world he draws his main inspiration from models, street style and travel. If you would like to work with Tom on a collaboration or commission then click the button below or use Studio Chat. 


- Each piece begins as a hand drawn pencil figure until he is happy with the composition, scale and detail.
- Then he creates a base using acrylic, watercolour or Pantone marker.
- He then uses pastels, watercolour paint, pencils and ink to work into the the drawing to create further depth and detail.
- If he then wishes to use online for social or animation he photographs and edits further in Adobe suites.



To create an animation short Tom works by painting every object individually and then photographing before editing in Adobe suites. This process

uses a collage technique that allows him to create complete worlds for his characters to interact within. Whether it’s a cab ride in NYC or a stay at one of Tom's resorts - transport yourself into one of his paintings and discover the latest collections from the runways. 

Scroll through the reel to see the process of his Marctokyo world. 

Animation & Stills


Tom paints mostly in watercolour and acrylic, the commissions are done to brief and he is able to adapt to meet the expectation

of the project. Whilst most work is kept private the below was painted this year for one of Tom's clients.